Particle Environment Package (PEP)

Titleimage: Particle Environment Package (PEP)

Exploring the Particle Environment in the Jupiter System

Welcome to the web site of the Particle Environment Package (PEP), which is part of the ESA large-class mission JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) to be launched in 2023.

Please visit the “Instrument” page if you are interested to get detailed information on the PEP Package, the NIM instrument, which is the contribution of the University of Bern to the PEP Package and our contribution to the “Jovian Neutral Analyser (JNA).

Press “Science” if you are interested to learn more about the science that will be made with the NIM instrument.

On the “Mission” page you find all about the JUICE Mission, its payload and the spacecraft.

Click “About us” if you would like to learn more about the team.


Picture left: Laboratory prototype of the NIM instrument 2018 with cabling and rotation mechanism.